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Why Coatek Academy?

SSPC Training Classes organized by Coatek Academy and Licensee Partner INSIGNIA FZE:

1- SSPC PCI LEVEL 1, 2 & 3:


We provide SSPC PCI (Protective Coatings Inspector) classes with our Turkish Instructors, who are industrial experts with long experiences. These classes can be organized as general attendance hotel classes, or as in-house in the customer's facility.

The class includes both level 1 and level 2 subjects and lasts for 5 days. The successful candidates are awarded with a level 1 certificate.

Candidates who can fulfill the pre-requisites, can directly register for a level 2 certificate and attend the level 2 exam on the 6th day. Upon success, these candidates are directly awarded with a level 2 certificate.


A level 1 inspector who attended these classes can then attend the level 2 exams at any class and upgrade the certificate to level 2 if the pre-requisites are met.


For the level 3 certification, the candidates must fulfill the level 3 pre-requisites and attend the level 3 exam, which is an assay type, English exam, requiring experience in the field.




Except from the PCI class, Coatek Academy can provide C7, C12, ATT, Thermal Spray, CCI, C1, C2 and PCS programs with our Licensee partner Insignia FZE.


In these trainings, the language is English for foreign instructors, and a simultaneous translation to Turkish is provided.

Meet our Teachers


M. Deniz TOK

Kimya Müh. (ODTÜ)

Coatek Akademi Kurucusu ve Egitmeni


Gülnur TOK

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